Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From our IIDA GA 2012-2013 President: “Success is not the destination – it’s the journey"

As I'm typing this note, in approximately 8 hours the Mars rover, Curiosity, will land on the red planet after traveling 8 1/2 months and 352 million miles.  What a fascinating achievement!  Meanwhile, over here on Earth, you and I are living the lives we've worked towards for years.  That's quite an achievement, too!

It is said that “Success is not the destination – it’s the journey.”  Over the past 13 years I’ve had some really great experiences and I’ve forged many strong relationships through IIDA.  I remember attending my very first IIDA event back in 1999.  It was an awards gala in Dallas, Texas and I was BEAMING – to be in the same room with so much talent!  A short time later I found myself on a steering committee to bring IIDA to Oklahoma.  I served on the TX/OK Chapter Board and the Oklahoma City Center Board for many years to follow.  Not only did I meet my husband, Jerry, at an IIDA membership drive in 2001, we actually had our first official date at an IIDA casino party in 2007!

When I moved to Atlanta four years ago, I felt like a wallflower at design events until Liset Robinson and John Gaul allowed me serve with them during their presidencies.  Over the last year, serving with Michele Lyden has been such a huge learning experience for me.  She is such a strategic thinker and is always raising the bar in pursuit of excellence.
Today, I am honored to be serving as the IIDA Georgia Chapter President along side my President-Elect, Ronnie Belizaire and the Board of Directors.  We anticipate a fantastic year!  My team and I are working with the momentum we’ve established in recent years to achieve our goals.  These efforts include sustaining our Chapter’s solvency, nurturing our relationships with our friends and affiliates, continuing to develop our strategic plan, and raising awareness of the interior design profession through advocacy.  In addition, we will focus our efforts on increasing our membership and building upon the spirit of volunteerism through mutual respect and recognition.

Just like the Martian lander - we are building upon past achievements.  We are learning and growing with each destination along this journey.

Cheers to learning and growing together!

Cynthia Hovorka, IIDA
2012-13 IIDA Georgia Chapter President

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