Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hospitality Forum - Wallcoverings that Awe

Wallcoverings that Awe

Submitted by:  Audra Warner, Image Design, IIDA Hospitality Forum
Written by:  Jessica Collins, National Wallcovering

Colour & Design pattern:  Kamari
Must we say this again? After a brief economic downturn in our economy, wallcoverings have been left out of the budget. But with today's technology and printing capabilities, interior designers say that it is back with a vengeance! There are fresh new textures, saturations of color and designs that can distinguish any space with the Hospitality industry. It's a great way to give a true highly-designed look at a price that is more affordable.
Sometimes paint can be flat and one-dimensional. A wallcovering can be an entirely different animal. It can add richness and depth. And there are advantages to wallcovering over paint. Just a few reasons to use vinyl wallcovering according to the Wallcovering Association are to brighten up a room, to add architectural interest, for framing the room's best features, they are economical, and easy to install. Most importantly, "Wallcoverings are a timeless decorating product. As new styles emerge, wallcovering designers capture it, define it and present it in a variety of color choices. With its ability to capture any style or color scheme, wallcoverings help you express your personality and style - from contemporary to romantic to country or eclectic!"
Interior designer, Jennifer Reiner, a partner in Reiner|White Design Studio, sees the rekindled love affair with wallpaper because of the new materials paired with cutting-edge patterns such as the stylish, easily cleaned vinyl coverings. If you don't want to start with a pattern, start with a texture and see how you feel about it."
Here are some options to consider:
    Colour & Design pattern: Suri
  • Texture - it isn't always about color and pattern. Texture can transform a space, whether in grass cloth or embossed, layered styles that also can hide imperfections in the wall in renovation work (which seems to be peaking for existing hotels needing a fresh look). Modern embosses come in a variety of patterns and scale to meet and exceed any need or style.


Level Wallcovering pattern:  Willow
Bold Patterns - Fun graphics or patterns can make a room pop!  Bright geometric or organic prints can be used on an accent wall giving the feeling of posh decoration.  According to the Wallcovering Association, "Large patterns and dark colors can make a large, impersonal space more inviting.  Creating an accent wall using a contrasting wallcovering often helps draw the focus of the room to a specific area, making it more  personal."

    Colour & Design pattern: Shilo
  • Neutrals - As a more traditional directions, this offers a warmer or muted look. Today's color trend is moving to a cooler neutral that can be timeless, elegant shades of champagne, charcoal, and creamy white in Hospitality. In addition to the neutral shades, the wallcoverings are teasing us with slight shimmers of pearlescence.

      Level Wallcovering pattern:  Taj
    • Digital - Digital murals are not only a way to display a corporate identity, but today, they allow a designer to personalize for the client's brand identity with endless possibilities. Try a digital wallcovering mural as your headboard! "Digital imaging offers the ability to create fantastic images and use them in new ways by creating spaces to transform perceptions and indeed create whole new environments," this coming from Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.
    "Vinyl wallcovering for Hospitality, or any industry, has come a long way in terms of design and color. Designing primarily for country clubs, we have to specify vinyl wallcovering from a maintenance stand point and the mass wear country clubs go through. It is refreshing seeing the new patterns and designs we are most accustomed to seeing in paper wallcovering, now in type II vinyls. From an economical standpoint, vinyls are more affordable, longer lasting and the designs are becoming more residential and modern." Kristen Marzano, Image Design - Atlanta

    There is no doubt that a wallcovering can put some awe in any space.


    Monday, February 20, 2012

    2nd NCIDQ Education Fund Recipient for is........

    Congratulations to Danielle Hamby for being our 2nd recipient of IIDA GA 2011 NCIDQ Education Fund award. Danielle is an Associate Interior Designer for the Atlanta, Georgia interior design firm of Hendrick, Inc.  The NCIDQ Education Fund was created for the purposes of fostering and supporting the education process of IIDA GA members that undergo the NCIDQ exam. To be eligible for the NCIDQ Education Fund award, the participants must meet the following requirements:

    §  Must be current IIDA members
    §  Must have taken either the 2011 January or 2011 July IIDA NCIDQ preparatory program
    §  Must have taken either the 2011 Spring or Fall NCIDQ exam
    §  Must have passed all parts of the NCIDQ exam
    §  Must  not be a recipient of the IIDA Headquarters' 2011 Design for the Future fund
    Once again, congratulations to Danielle Hamby for passing the NCIDQ exam as well as enhancing the professionalism of interior design.