Saturday, March 19, 2016

50 Ways to go Green for Earth Day

Earth Day will be here before you know it!  On April 22, make a plan to go green at home.  Check out these 50 tips for helping the planet every day:

New York City's Fulton Center is first subway station to get LEED rating

LEED just granted New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) a LEED Silver certification for Fulton Center station!

The Greening of Hospitality

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released its LEED in Motion: Hospitality report, which showcases tremendous industry growth in green building and defines the scale up opportunities for the hospitality sector. More than 109 million square feet of hotel space is currently LEED certified, and the report highlights some of the most impressive LEED-certified hotels throughout the world.


THE SUSTAINABLE DESIGN COLLABORATIVE is a volunteer driven organization with members representing eight diverse building community organizations. Each member is a sustainable-minded professional. The Collaborative group is connected by a desire to provide professional design services to the 99% of the human race that does not normally have the opportunity to fund these types of services. They began in 2010 and complete one pro-bono project each year. Each of their organizations is represented at the annual Red and Green Scene Holiday Fundraising event. Currently, this event provides all of their funding.
SDCA 2015 involved Hagar Civilization Training Missionary, Inc. (HCTM).  HCTM is a 501( C )(3) nonprofit community, housing, and economic development organization. Their building is situated adjacent to major thoroughfares, the Marta  Station, and retail/service amenities. HCTM sits in the heart of Atlanta’s historic civil rights movement and at the epicenter of African Americans' former economic greatness.

As such, HCTM adopted a mission to revitalize, and restore the area's former historic, economic, and cultural heritage. At the same time, the organization embraces a vision of transporting the area and its residents into the economically, culturally, and technologically based 21st Century.

The organization is situated in the heart of Vine City and English Avenues, in the City of Atlanta’s historic District. The area is the home of the Civil Rights movement, and it is the heart of the fight for justice by the most powerful nonviolent social advocate of the twentieth century, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The organization also sits adjacent to the historically black colleges and universities of the Atlanta University Center complex.

HCTM made  significant  improvements  to the transit  pedestrian  corridor and  street elevation  at the  intersection of  Joseph E. Lowery  Boulevard and  Martin L. King,  Jr. Drive in  Atlanta.

This location in Atlanta (above) used to be the home of  one of the largest private African American hair and skin care producers in the United States,  Bronner Bros. Enterprise. They have since moved from this site and it has been converted by HCTM into a beautiful headquarters space, a Walk-By Museum, and an incubator for small businesses.

This building (above), formerly the home of the Bronner Bros business mentioned above, is now the current home of HCTM. It has been transformed into a Virtual Walk-by Museum by HCTM's leaders and it is also serves as a hub for businesses in the area.

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