Monday, November 16, 2015

The Knowledge Repository

With over 4000 of our closest colleagues and peers attending the Healthcare Design Conference in DC right now, there’s no better time to talk about advances made in healthcare design through research and shared knowledge.  

The Center for Health Design leads this charge and hosts a Knowledge Repository on their website.  Among other relevant resources, you can find case studies and interviews that focus on design, environmental conditions, outcomes or general research. The repository is also searchable by key word, making it very easy to find what’s needed.

When implementing an Evidenced Based Design process, it’s important to rely on a wide base of informational sources.  It’s important to utilize credible evidence and understand how and where to find it, because design recommendations based on evidence are always more likely to be accepted.

Though the body of knowledge found within the Repository is vast, it’s vital to remember that this is also a constantly evolving bank of information.  When collecting data, be thorough and take into account the research date.  Often, it’s important to find information that is most current and cutting edge.  The Repository allows for search by date, if this is the case.

Basing a design strategy on a strong body of evidence is important.  Whether you’re guiding flooring selection for a small space or building a business case for a new hospital’s top design strategy, the Knowledge Repository is an unrestricted wealth of information.

Forums Director, IIDA Georgia