Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Milliken: Looking Back to Move Forward with More Than a Century of Environmental Stewardship

Milliken: Looking Back to Move Forward with More Than a

Century of Environmental Stewardship

Arcadia, a plank modular carpet collection from Milliken, simultaneously serves as a visual representation of nature and embodies company environmental initiatives. Four biophilic designs capture the tone, movement, and color palette of nature’s unique vistas. The solution-dyed nylon collection is composed of 32 percent total recycled content and includes PVC-free cushion backing to extend its first life and provide superior comfort underfoot.

For more than a century, Milliken has embraced a holistic approach to sustainability, reflected throughout the company’s long-standing environmental policies and flooring collections. As the company celebrates an incredible milestone¾it’s 150th anniversary¾they’re looking back to move further forward in their journey of sustainability.

More than a century of environmental stewardship
In 1900, Milliken set forth its very first recycling program, 70 years before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was established, and it began investing in renewable energy in 1912. By 1960, Milliken had formal policies in place to protect natural resources. Soon after entering the floor covering industry, Milliken introduced the first PVC-free carpet tile in North America in 1986.
In 2002, the Milliken Floor Covering Division committed to a “Zero Waste to Landfill Pledge,” and it’s been achieved every year since. Part of the pledge, the Milliken Landfill Diversion Program keeps old carpet out of landfills by focusing on and facilitating the local reuse of well-maintained carpet.

Today, the Milliken family of companies is a carbon-negative manufacturer certified by the Leonardo Academy Cleaner and Greener® Program, and Milliken floor covering is manufactured using 46 percent renewable energy¾harvesting more than 80 percent of methane emitted from the LaGrange, Georgia landfill.

Environmentally friendly flooring
Milliken floor covering collections are tangible representations of Milliken’s commitment to sustainability. The company’s carpet is composed of between two and 80 percent recycled content, and 100 percent of Milliken PVC-free broadloom and modular carpets have been assessed for environmental and human health impacts. Third-party-verified environmental certifications and labels confirm their claims, including NSF 140, environmental product declarations, and Declare transparency labels.

Moving forward, Milliken is introducing a public framework for the annual measurement and report of Milliken’s advancements concerning environmental policies and stewardship. Milliken will release the company’s inaugural Floor Covering Division Sustainability Report this fall, based on GRI reporting requirements.  

The report focuses on five critical categories: chemical and human health impacts, recycled content and recyclability, supply chain impacts of products, employer of choice, and lofty resource consumption goals to achieve by 2020. It also lends an additional LEED version 4 point for Milliken flooring solutions, fulfilling LEED V.4 MRc3.
“Environmental stewardship and continued innovation are two concepts that have been ingrained in Milliken’s culture for more than 11 decades,” shared Philip Ivey, sustainability leader for the global Milliken floor covering division. “Advancing our long-standing commitment drives our sustainability initiatives for products and policies forward.”
Visit www.millikenfloors.com to discover more about Milliken’s continued commitment to ‘do good’ by adding value to daily lives, improving health and safety, and helping to make the world more sustainable. 

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