Monday, February 20, 2012

2nd NCIDQ Education Fund Recipient for is........

Congratulations to Danielle Hamby for being our 2nd recipient of IIDA GA 2011 NCIDQ Education Fund award. Danielle is an Associate Interior Designer for the Atlanta, Georgia interior design firm of Hendrick, Inc.  The NCIDQ Education Fund was created for the purposes of fostering and supporting the education process of IIDA GA members that undergo the NCIDQ exam. To be eligible for the NCIDQ Education Fund award, the participants must meet the following requirements:

§  Must be current IIDA members
§  Must have taken either the 2011 January or 2011 July IIDA NCIDQ preparatory program
§  Must have taken either the 2011 Spring or Fall NCIDQ exam
§  Must have passed all parts of the NCIDQ exam
§  Must  not be a recipient of the IIDA Headquarters' 2011 Design for the Future fund
Once again, congratulations to Danielle Hamby for passing the NCIDQ exam as well as enhancing the professionalism of interior design. 

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  1. Congratulations Dani! You rock!