Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Demo Cool Features of Hardware

submitted by: r. jarrett muncy, IIDA VP Communications, lord aeck & sargent architects
"YouTube Demonstrates Cool Features of Hardware"
Do you ever find it difficult to understand how specialty millwork and furniture hardware work when selecting from static catalogs or websites?  Boring 2D line drawings,  lifeless axons, and generic naming conventions fail to demonstrate all the wonderful function you can achieve with hi-tech hardware these days.  While looking for a concealed shelf support, inspired by my favorite IKEA shelf, I found ItalinaFerramenta showcasing their awesome hardware with fly through videos via  Not only was it interesting and informative on how the hardware works it was also inspiring!  I’ll take that thank you!
Here is that awesome concealed shelf mount:
The Italian hardware is avaialable in the US at

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