Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Do you Shower?

submitted by:  Alexandra Zwicky, Novita Communicaitons for Hansgrohe
written by:  Jen Bruno, Hansgrohe
2013 February Partner

How Do You Shower? 
Hansgrohe Invites You to “Click to Pick”

It’s the first thing many of us do when we wake up. It’s a time to reflect, come up
with ideas, or indulge in the cliché of breaking out into song. Clearly, showering
plays a huge role in our lives, so it’s surprising that so many just accept a
standard set-up in the shower. Having a shower system that fits your needs and
preferences can enhance the experience and increases overall wellness. As inventor
of the adjustable, multi-spray handshower, Hansgrohe should know a thing or two
about showering. Ten years ago, Hansgrohe and design firm Phoenix Design
revolutionized the category with the Raindance® collection.  Since then, we’ve
continued our research with Phoenix Design to take the shower experience to the next
Enter Hansgrohe’s new Raindance® Select products. The Raindance Select Showerpipe’s
integrated Raindance Select E 120 AIR handshower and the available Raindance Select
150 AIR handshower have Hansgrohe’s Select feature. This allows you to Select from a
variety of spray modes at the satisfying “click” of a button. While many
manufacturers today are focusing on digital operations, Hansgrohe is taking a
user-friendlier route with this intuitive, mechanical function. After all, why make
showering stressful with complicated controls?

With Hansgrohe’s Select technology, the Raindance Select E 120 and Raindance Select
150 AIR hand showers have set a new benchmark for the market in terms of operation
and accommodation of personal preferences. In order to create the best product
possible, we conducted a comprehensive study regarding what people want from their
shower. We found, and confirmed in a shower testing lab at our international
headquarters in Germany, that each individual has a favorite shower spray setting
according to lifestyle and needs. We weren’t satisfied with merely giving our
customers more choice, however: we also wanted to make it easier to change spray
modes. With the invention of the ergonomically placed Select button, one handshower
can be shared by the whole family—without sacrificing individual choice. For
example, a gentle spray is better for children, while those with long hair need a
forceful spray for rinsing out shampoo. For athletes or those in need of soothing
stress relief, the whirl jet is ideal for easing tense muscles.
Beyond its integrated Select handshower, what makes the Raindance Select showerpipe
a great choice for the shower? Its gorgeous, sleek silhouette, as well as its
practical features make it a winner. Further, its “EcoStat Select” thermostat does
double duty as a stylish shelf—perfect for holding all those shower accessories.
What’s more, with an anti-scald chrome housing, you can rest assured that the shelf
always maintains a neutral temperature, even when extremely hot water is used.
Finally, the showerpipe’s outside-the-wall configuration makes it easy for plumbing
professionals to install…check out this quick installation video

However you shower, Hansgrohe’s Raindance Select showerpipe and Select handshowers
are sure to deliver showering satisfaction. 

Find out more about the Select products here

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