Monday, January 9, 2012

J+J Invision's FINE LINE

by Allyn Martin 
Allyn Martin, Sales Representative
There’s a fine line between tastefully tailored and overly traditional or lively neutrals and dull monochromatics. Striking just the right balance between the two isJ+J/Invision’s Fine Line, a tailored and tonal modular only product. Using a variegated field of texture, in varying proportions, each tile creates a random yet balanced composition for any commercial setting. A subtle accent pin stripe in each tile helps to add visual depth and dimension to the installation.

There is a symmetry and synchronization to the clean, woven-like areas of pattern, giving the product a traditional look with a nod to all things modern. A patchwork, or contemporary and tonal plaid-like effects take command of the floor when Fine Line is installed in either brick or quarter-turned.

Color Palette
The nine color palette was intended to be mostly neutral, usable and tonal. Ranging from light neutrals to a dark black and deep red, all nice colors coordinate well with many of the existing, top selling products in J+J/Invision’s standard line.
Product Information and Construction
Fine Line utilizes 100% J&J Industries Encore® SDN yarn
• 20 oz. weight
• Modular only with PVC-free eKo® backing
(NSF 140 Platinum Certified)• Patterned loop
• 100% J&J Encore
© SD Ultima © Nylon with Recycled Content
• Nine colors

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