Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 IIDA Industry Roundtable: Design & Diversity

The annual IIDA Industry Roundtable brings together a select group of IIDA Industry and Designer Members for a facilitated session to discuss issues facing all partners working in the profession of Interior Design.  Held in Chicago each year, the Industry Roundtable has become an invaluable "brain trust" session for manufacturers and a quality opportunity for designers to exchange dialogue on issues addressing the built environment.

For the 2016 Report, entitled Design & Diversity, IIDA convened a group of design experts to discuss why gender, equity, and multidisciplinary thinking are essential to business. This report outlines our initial findings and establishes the IIDA Diversity Council’s goals for diversity in the Interior Design profession.

The report studies levels of diversity found in the Interior Design industry today, realizing that we're not as diverse as we think we are.  For example, 69% of the 87,000 practitioners in the US today are women; only 25% of whom can be found in firm leadership.

To read more about the actions we can take to turn the wheel on an organizational level, take a look at the entire report:

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