Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tandus Flooring Transforms Flooring Design with Sero - New philosophy shifts the paradigm of modular design

submitted by Lorraine LaBorde, Tandus

Tandus Flooring has been using the Sero design approach since the introduction of the awardwinning
Manufactured Landscapes
availability of the style in modular. The pattern spans the width of the Stratatec machine,
creating unique installations—the Sero design approach changed the dynamic of the floor
plane. These designs create a more fluid transition of pattern rather than the pattern fatigue
historically with many modular styles where the design is limited to the square tile instead of the
entire floor plane.
Following the success of Manufactured Landscapes, Tandus Flooring pushed the limits of the
Stratatec equipment and the evolution of Sero quickly led to more sophisticated styles with
much larger patterns. The progression of the Sero design approach from Manufactured
Landscapes has led to styles with patterns spanning not only in width but in length. The Sero
design approach offers greater design flexibility with patterns, textures and colors that flow, pool
and shift from tile to tile, culminating in a unified design.
“Powerbond has proven to be one of the most unique flooring products on the market today…it
keeps amazing the design community after 40 years,” said Tom Ellis, Vice President of
Marketing, Tandus Flooring. “Sero takes Powerbond technology and transforms the design into
a modular platform. Now, modular is more than just a square.”
The Sero design approach also introduced a new installation method—unidirectional. The
unidirectional installation method for Sero-designed styles creates a unique design installation
right out of the box. Unidirectional will prove to be easier, faster, and result in less waste.
“We have been at this for quite a while understanding we had to satisfy the design professional,
the professional installer and the client with a fresh design for the floor plane,” added Ellis.
“Integrating Stratatec technology and design intelligence gave us this solution. Sero is the
TM collection in 2008. The collection is designed on the® platform using StratatecTM technology, transcending traditional design with the

Tandus Horizon NonConform PB 4673
About Tandus Flooring
Tandus Flooring (
product line of Powerbond
enhance spaces for learning, working, healing and living. Through inspired design and leadingedge
technology, Tandus Flooring offers customers a single-source for innovative product
design and technology, comprehensive services, and environmental leadership. For more than
40 years, Tandus Flooring has been examining all the ways to be a better corporate citizen and
environmental steward — and then taking actions that lead to demonstrable, meaningful,
quantifiable results. creates innovative floorcovering solutions through a unique®, modular, broadloom and woven products that work in tandem to
Tandus Flooring Transforms Flooring Design with SeroTM

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