Monday, March 5, 2012

Get out of the Dark with Cooper Lighting CEU classes

As an IIDA Retreat Partner, Cooper Lighting would like to invite interior design professionals to a series of Lighting CEU courses on many illuminating topics.  Below is a listing of scheduled events for 2012.  Registration is simple and easy on the link listed below.

Cooper Lighting SOURCE Educational Classes

Cooper Lighting’s 2012 SOURCE calendar of educational classes for the lighting and design community. The SOURCE, one of the industries’ leading lighting education facility, is located at Cooper Lighting’s headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia, and offers a wide variety of seminars designed to broaden the understanding of lighting and its applications. The SOURCE has been servicing the lighting industry for over twenty years and to date, over 100,000 lighting professionals, university students and end-users have benefited from the SOURCE experience.

Current available seminars/workshops for 2012, at a glance, are:

March 7 – 8:                LED Exterior Lighting Solutions
March 14 – 16:            Lighting Fundamentals for Distributors and Contractors
March 26 – 27:             Healthcare Lighting Solutions Workshop
April 12 – 13:               Lighting and Controls for the Facility Manager

May 16 – 18:               Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics
June 6 – 8:                  Fundamentals for Teachers of Lighting
June 14 – 15:              Healthcare Lighting Solutions Workshop (Boston, Massachusetts

August 23 – 24:           Residential Lighting Solutions Workshop

September 5 – 7:        Lighting Fundamentals for Distributors and Contractors
September 19 – 21:    LED and Energy Efficient Retail and Hospitality Lighting Solutions Workshop

October 3 – 5:             Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics
October 9 – 10:           Healthcare Lighting Solutions Workshop (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
October 23 – 24:         Energy and Retrofit Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

November 14 – 15:     LED Exterior Lighting Solutions

December 5 – 7:         Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

Additional information and registration can be completed online at or contact the SOURCE/Cooper Lighting at 770.486.4800 or e-mail


  1. I know that ceus for nurses and medical doctors is mandatory, but is it mandatory for interior designers as well? I am about to graduate high school and I think I want to get into interior design. Can anyone attend these classes or is it for professionals only?

    1. Hi mackenzie, I would contact Cooper Lighting. Assuming you are in Georgia, they would be happy to allow you to attend. There may be a cost associate to attend the class, but I'm sure they would love your enthusiasm and interest to learn. Give them a call!