Thursday, November 10, 2011

Healthcare Forum - Advancement in Evidenced-based Healthcare Design

Submitted by Ina Sherman, Stanley Beaman Sears, Senior Interior Designer

Source: Contract magazine, October 2011

The advancements made in evidence-based healthcare design have grown tremendously over the past several years. I recall back in the late 90's when the idea of documenting the process and outcome of healthcare design projects was just a "notion"! Today it's amazing to see how far this "notion" has come.

In this article, Rosalyn Cama, FASID, EDAC talks about the evolution of evidence-based healthcare design and how the methodology is being embraced by our industry as well as the healthcare industry. Healthcare regulators and hospital Board of Directors are beginning to see how this methodology can improve their overall effectiveness in delivering healthcare services in a more compassionate, yet efficient way. I see the implementation of evidence-based design as being an integral part of the design process. It provides sound documented data that can be used as a spring board for discussion and all parties that have a vested interested in the project that can determine, early in the process, the common goals and objectives.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on EBD as it relates to healthcare design. I started my design career as a healthcare interior designer and stayed in that role for over 3 years. In the short amount of time that spent within the the design specialty I saw a tremendous shift in owners thought process behind using EBD and seeking out designers who had who had an understanding of best practices and how the interior built environment impacted the facilities ability to achieve their desired outcomes in patient care and the overall care-giving process. I can only imagine how much has changed in the field from when the notion of healthcare interior design was first introduced.